I started chiropractic care and a wellness program with Dr. Melinda many years ago.  I had problems with my spine being out of alignment and no curve of my neck.  With weekly adjustments my neck has easy movement and no discomfort and my spine is also more in alignment where I feel a good sense of balance.  Dr. Melinda also has me using a Denneroll every night for 20 minutes to continue to keep the curve in my neck and foam wedges to keep my spine in alignment.  She has always taken the time to listen to my problems and does the research to find a solution.  Dr. Melinda is a very kind, friendly and understanding person that really cares about your well being.  I feel so very blessed to have a chiropractor like her that I can trust to take care of my body.

Christine T.

Dr. Melinda is amazing!  She also has an awesome personality and really cares about your general well being.  It dawned on me that what separates Dr. Melinda from the rest is that she takes the time to educate you on correcting the core cause of your underlying symptoms versus a quick chiropractic adjustment fix.  That in itself is life changing, I get that my posture is the reason my body doesn’t work the way it’s suppose to.  She is great at what she does and makes my body feel excellent. On top of that,  I haven’t exercised in years and began taking Product B per her recommendation and it literally made me jog around the block.  The combination of Product B and my adjustment made me feel insanely good physically and mentally.  Mental clarity at its best!  Amen for Dr. Melinda!

Stephanie H.

I had pain in my right neck, shoulder, back, arm & hand. Dr. Melinda took a digital photo of my posture & right away pointed that I was unbalanced. She gave me tips on how I can change some bad habits & gave me the best adjustment & care I could pray for. I cannot wait to see her again! Thank YOU Dr Melinda!

Sonny N.

Dr Melinda was my first experience with Chiropractic ever. I had a bit of a reserve with getting my spine and especially my neck adjusted. Dr. Melinda is extremely friendly, gentle, knowledgeable and she made me feel comfortable with my first experience. I was having some mid back spine pain for the past few years and this has since improved with my adjustments from Dr. Melinda.
As a Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner, another really interesting, positive, and unexpected benefi…t is that I find my internal energy/chi flow through my spine area is improved on a subtle, yet noticeable level. As someone who has developed this ability over several years, I am quite pleased with this less restricted/blocked flow of energy.
I also, unexpectedly noticed an improvement in my energy and mental clarity after just my first session. As someone going through Lyme disease treatment, low energy and “brain fog” has been a regular thing. While it did not fully eliminate these, I certainly noticed I was feeling improved energy and clarity when we finished.
I whole-heartily recommend Dr. Melinda, I am happy that after 37 years, I finally decided to give a go with the Chiropractic modality. It had already exceeded my expectations.

Jim Lee

Dr. Melinda is an amazing chiropractic doctor who had a positive impact on my life. She is dedicated to her patients health and ACTUALLY LISTENS to them! Her attention to detail sets herself above and beyond other doctors. Another thing I truly respect about Dr. Melinda is that she practices what she preaches. She advocates a whole-food, active lifestyle to her patients and certainly follows it herself. Dr. Melinda is simply amazing! If you are in the Bay Area of California, then I highly recommend going to see her!

Vice Lujan

I was referred to Dr. Melinda by a friend. I was impressed by her professional
approach and complete workup before I began treatment. I wanted an ongoing
relationship and treatment program to improve how I felt every day, not just an
adjustment. I have made considerable progress over the last year! I also now have my family,
employees, and colleagues attending weekly treatments. I believe that your
wellbeing and an excellent quality of life begin with the Complete Foundation that
Dr. Richardson provides. She is an OUTSTANDING Chiropractor!

Cheryl B.