In recent years, Chiropractic coverage has become more commonplace in California health insurance plans. In general, health plans have slowly moved towards covering more preventative health care and alternative health care costs. Chiropractic is usually grouped under the “alternative health care” banner with acupuncture but it has become more mainstream both in terms of use and as a matured and licensed means of medical care.

Running A Quote And Chiropractic Benefits

When you run a California health insurance quote, you will see chiropractic care broken out separately from office visit copays and usually, it is grouped with physical and occupational therapy. Since the underlying issues that require chiropractic care are typically more chronic in nature (last long periods of time if not indefinitely), there may be caps on the number of covered benefits in a given year. Some health carriers may allow more covered benefits but authorization is required first. On the Small Group market, some health plans offer Chiropractic riders which add additional or better chiropractic benefits. A “rider” is a like a side insurance plan added to the main medical plan. The “rider” can cover chiropractic, cancer, infertility, or a specific medical benefit that traditionally is not covered or has limited benefits compared to the core medical plan coverage.

Chiropractic coverage usually has the carrier paying a fixed amount such as $25 for a covered visit. With some plans, the main deductible may be waived for chiropractic coverage.